Hong Kong Trip 2017


Good evening Old fans, New fans, and those who can’t sleep so are reading this….

So it feels a little surreal, but very nearly a year after my last adventure, I find myself back at Heathrow (The Airport for adventure don’t you know!), Checked in to a flight, off on my next adventure.

As I said in my last post, things have very much changed since last year’s adventure, so I won’t go boring you about that!

This year’s place for writing is a bit different. There’s no pub with a great view. There’s no toast, and no funky world map. I’m in Terminal Three.

The departures lounge is very interior… I can’t see a window. But that’s no issue, I’ve had some sushi and a coffee (Decaf to try and let me sleep), and I’ll soon be round to my gate.

This year I’m a little more nervous than last year – It’s a long way further… Nearly double! I’ve got long legs… It’s gonna hurt! (As far as I know… there is a chance I’ve got 3 seats to myself.. Fingers crossed please!)

The Culture is also VERY Different – at least with the states, they all speak English….

Deep down I think I’m equally nervous and excited… but right now, It feels very surreal to think that in an hour’s time, I will be on my way to pretty much the other side of the world!

Hopefully I’ll be writing as I go along like in the states (Hello fans!). But it all depends if I have the time… (I hope so, because it was a great record of my trip!)

That’s all for me now – The gate is being displayed so I best hot foot it to Gate 21!

See ya laters UK! 🙂