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According to Twitter I’m: “Proudly #Jewish, IT Guru in the cloud, Leader @JLGBHQ, Supports #LOFC, and once performed a lift naming ceremony at Covent Garden Station.”

According to my parents I: “Treat the place like a hotel”

According to me: Sometimes these things just come to me, and I have to write them down and share them to the world. I work in Tech, trying to escape support and break in to Technical Project/Program Management.

I love to travel, – when I go away, I like to keep a record/journal of places I go and what I do, often accompanied by my mental rambles! Having read them back after the event, it’s amazing the parts of your travel that you forget when you look back on trips!

Steven Phillips (Pic)

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I am Daniel Edwards sister and the one raising money for beat bullying at the moment. I also had my school years ruined by bullies and your story pulled at my heart strings. I could relate to so much of it and I think you wrote it perfectly. I will be advertising it on my blog and fb page, I think more people need to read this.

I am pleased you’re happier now and your bake off song was amazing !

Thanks, Sophie

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