Twenty Sixteen

So, I’d written a blow by blow account of my year. You could call it “2016 lines about 2016”. Thankfully I didn’t publish it. Frankly no one would want to read it.

But while at home the last few days. In and out of bed with a chest infection, I came to realise something;

No matter what went on in 2016, it taught me to Step Out Of My Comfort Zone...

Stepping out of my comfort zone has made me:

  • Leave my job with no new job (aaah)
  • Fly to America alone… and although I was staying with people, I spent two days on my own in Florida. (And the alone time was amazing)
  • … So, I learnt to appreciate alone time. I never used to like being alone and now I love spending a just a little time in the quiet!
  • I learnt how to be skint for a while. (I didn’t enjoy it, but it was my own fault for spending too much in America!)
  • Push myself for a job I didn’t think I stood a chance in getting.
  • Completely change my lifestyle when accepting aforementioned job.
  • At work I’ve learnt bits of new languages, Geographies of new Countries and how to get someone to restart things when they are 1000 Miles away!
  • I tried tablets to try and combat a health condition. When they didn’t work, I’ve learnt to accept my weird skin a bit more.
  • I learnt more about who I could trust….. and who I couldn’t.
  • I’ve learnt to be less of a fussy eater. (No really! I’m still fussy but I’m much better than I was!)

….. And most recently being away from loads of my friends, not being at camp like I normally am, I’ve learnt I need to start listening to my body.  I’m not enjoying being at home. It’s not nice seeing everyone having a great time while I’m here in bed. But I needed to rest. (Hopefully I’ll be well enough to join the fun later in the week!)

I needed to rest because 2017 boasts so many more opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone – Including two trips abroad in the first month alone! (Bring on Spain and Hong Kong!)

So whatever the New Year brings (and I hope it’s great for everyone)… I thoroughly recommend you try stepping outside your comfort zone just once or twice…. you might even enjoy it! 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR (Oh  and a Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah/Hanukkah/Hanuka/Chanuka, Happy Kwanzaa, or a happy whatever else you might celebrate!)


disclaimer: this is not the suggestion that you make “Stepping out of your comfort zone” a New Year’s Resolution… as we all know no one sticks to New Years Resolutions! 😛

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