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Day 9: Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Today we woke up a bit late… I’d wanted a lie in so that was no big deal!

We headed down to the outlet mall… where I managed to do some damage! (not a great amount… but damage all the same!) After wandering the outlet mall we decided that we’d try and get to the beach in time for sunset…. What a Great plan!

Off down the highway we went… and over a lovely but huuuuge bridge… Lots of lovely views.

Huuuge Bridge
Huuuge Bridge

Eventually we arrived at Clearwater Beach. Bright White Sand and the sun low in the sky. We stood and watched the sun creep under the horizon… almost the polar opposite of waking up early and scaling Masada for sunrise! Artsy Flipflops

Beach Panorama!
Beach Panorama!

Soon the sun had set and we wanted some food so after a quick scout up and down the main strip and a look in Ron Jon’s surf Shop (again!) we sat down in Surfside Tap House… mainly due to the amazing girl playing guitar and singing in the front. WOW.

We ate dinner, had a drink and then when the singer finished went to leave for the Fudge shop next door. Sadly the fudge shop closed, but the singer was given some more time so we lingered on a table by the front to listen to the singers’s last songs.

We were then crashed by our new friends… “the Drunk Mums on tour” (Hey there if you are reading this… and Hi to your family… they weren’t that embarrassing… really!) They were having a lovely time and loved our Britishness. One of them made us talk to her daughter who loves British accents and then we discussed politics… cause what else should you do when you’re a little intoxicated on a Saturday night! (I was driving so remained sober!!!)…. Shout out to Candace if you’re reading this… hope you’re enjoying living my life vicariously!!

We eventually headed home… via a quick stop to 24h Dunkin Donuts Drive through. WHY CAN’T WE GET 24 HOUR DRIVE THROUGH COOKE DOUGH DONUTS IN THE UK?!?!!?!?!?

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