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Day 4: Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful….

What a day! I’m bushed!

Today started with a trip up to the top of the One World Observatory on top of the new One World Trade Centre. Sadly, It didn’t quite live up to the observatory’s slogan of “see forever” as there was quite a thick cloud coverage! We could see a fair distance though!

Worth mentioning the coolest lifts… I mean Elevators…. ever in the world. Floor to Ceiling HD Screens take you through time looking at the evolution of the New York skyline from very early on… right up to the building of the new tower! ( Including building and then a fade out of the old towers!)

The lift ride up to the top was so fast I can’t even explain… and so smooth it felt like we were barely moving! (SPOILER ALERT!!) Once at the top, you are taken into a room with a huge wide wall and lots of projectors… you watch a short video which ends with the screens going up and revealing the view! WOWSER!

From the room with the view, you walk through to a cafe and restaurant, where I probably consumed the highest Root Beer in New York! (See Facebook selfie!!) I Must say I love the fact you can get root beer so easily here! Love some Root beer!!!

From the Cafe we went down to the main observatory and had a good look round the 360 view! What a view it was! Sadly the clouds meant it was a bit restrictive but all the same it was amazing….

One Straight Road!
One Straight Road!

Rivers and Bridges... Including the Brooklyn Bridge we walked across a few days ago!
Rivers and Bridges… Including the Brooklyn Bridge we walked across a few days ago!

A little blurry but the pools where the original World Trade Center Stood...
A little blurry but the pools where the original World Trade Center Stood…

That last picture, of the Pools reminds me of something I really wish I’d added to last night’s post but couldn’t really manage to write on my phone….

Selfies. I love a good selfie. I love my selfie stick… I love to take selfies… BUT there is a time and there is a place! It is TOTALLY unacceptable, to do as I saw yesterday… Take a Smiling Selfie at the World Trade Center Memorial… Any memorial for that sake. Nothing says memorial like a smiling photo of you and your friend stood by it….NO. Take a photo of the memorial and be done.

Rant Over.

From the WTC we went for lunch where we met up with Charlotte and Anton – It was like being back at home popping out for lunch and a bitch with Charlotte! Very odd! For lunch, we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Wow. One second the waiting staff and putting plates on the tables, next minute they are microphone in hand belting out a song to the entire place! CRAZY. AMAZING. They are all aspiring Broadway actors/actresses hoping to work there until they get a show role. Such a great place, and such a great atmosphere!!

While in Ellen’s the weather decided that it was going to snow! One of the singing waitstaff decided that it would be funny to sing Let it Snow (Let it snow, let it snow!).

From Ellen’s, we walked up a couple of blocks and got the 1 Train down to South Ferry. From South Ferry station we waited to board the Staten Island Ferry. Charlotte managed to wiggle her way down to near the front of the queue… while Anton and I were rather unfussed. This was all well and good until the announcement came on that the boat was going from a different door to the one we were waiting at! (teehee). Once on the boat, it was clear that the panic of getting on was very not necessary!

The Staten Island Ferry made it’s way out to Staten Island… Working it’s way past the Statue of Liberty! Stood out in the snow on the ferry, we took some photos of the Statue!

We're moving Rosie!! Leaving Manhattan!
We’re moving Rosie!! Leaving Manhattan!

The Lady herself!
The Lady herself!

Selfie with the Statue of Liberty.
Selfie with the Statue of Liberty.

Once the boat docked at Staten Island, we went for a little wonder in the thick snow down to the Staten Island 9/11 memorial. It sits on the dockside at a slightly odd angle, which I can only imagine means the centre sits where the towers would have been…

The memorial from afar.
The memorial from afar.

As we wandered through the centre of the memorial looking at the names of those who lost their life in the disaster I noticed that each one had their outline cut into the memorial.

Faces in the memorial.
Faces in the memorial.

From the memorial, we wandered back to the ferry, via a quick stop at the 99cent store…. we needn’t have bothered… teehee…

The ferry we got back was a little different to the one we got out with no obvious outside space to take photos from. As we got close to the statue I went for a wander to try and find somewhere and was soon joined by Charlotte and Anton who’d been bought down to the back of the boat by a man who worked on the boat… All that kept us from the sea was a piece of rope and a flimsy concertina metal barrier – Health and Safety would NOT allow that in the UK!

Night time Selfie with the Statue of Liberty!
Night time Selfie with the Statue of Liberty!

She's lit up nicely at night!
She’s lit up nicely at night!

From the Ferry it was back on the 1 train and then a quick walk through central park back to the bus station where I was rather early for the bus (as was becoming a theme!) Luckily I had a little wander round the bus station before waiting at the gate and starting interesting conversation with a fellow commuter! (Well… I’m not really a commuter!).

That’s all for today! While walking through Times Square tonight talking to mum, I managed to take this picture, which I’ll leave you with! Night all!!

Snowy Times Square a night!
Snowy Times Square a night!

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Stevo, why you not tell me that you love the rooted beers? I would have had caterlink import you in some! none of that prigat guava juice nonsense. No thanking you very much indeed!


Manjy dolly, why you making promises you cant keep yet again?! stop promising the children that every Wednesday will be jambalaya, stop telling them that I once wrestled a bear and won (although this is true there is a side to me I don’t want the children to see) and most of all stop telling the children you will get them all these foods and beverages they like. I cannot bare to think of their disappointed faces any longer!

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