Hong Kong Trip 2017

I don’t actually know what day it is! (Day 1)

I seem to have lost a day.

Careless,, I know but it turns out its because I pretty much did kinda lose a day…. 11h 45 min flight + 8 Hour difference… that’s the best part of a day!

Thankfully the powers the control the magic behind how many people are on a flight were kind. Very kind in fact… and with only 108 passengers on a dreamliner, I was able to stretch out across three seats and get some decent sleep hours in. Which meant at 5pm local time, I hit the ground running in Hong Kong. (Said sleep also included finally watching Finding Dory!!)

From Hong Kong Airport I got the super swift and quiet Hong Kong Airport express train, and ended up in the centre of Hong Kong where I found Hilz and Leonie.

We managed (not without fuss) to make the shuttle bus back to where we were staying. Language barrier adding a slight element of confusion, but we managed it. I dropped my stuff, had a quick shower and we headed out to a viewpoint to watch the Chinese New Year Fireworks.

Unfortunately, there was really low fog/haze so the fireworks ended up looking like this….


Beautiful as that is… I think the fireworks would probably have been prettier!

From the Fireworks, again not without a Kerfuffle (Not much time, very steep hills and then a taxi) we made it to the restaurant. For those who know me even a little bit or have ever eaten out with me, will know I am very very fussy. Thankfully the restaurant was vegetarian, meaning I could eat everything… and I did! 😀

Gunky Green vegetable things, spring rolls, rice, noodles and dumplings… I tried everything that was put on the table and am very proud of myself…. Here’s hoping I can keep this up!

A Dumpling of (dim) Some Sort. (pun)
A Dumpling of (dim) Some Sort. (pun)

From there we popped back to get Hilz’s brother’s stuff before dropping him off at the airport express…  (It’s strictly one in, one out here 😛 Joking) From the Airport Express station, we went to Maccie D’s for a cup of tea….. and to sample some of the McCafe delights – Tonight was a Mango Macaroon and some Brown Sugar bread with Grape Jam. (Concord grape, just like Kiddish wine!). Ever so delightful!

From there I walked with Hizzle to the Mid-Levels escalators… and rode all the way up to where she is staying. IT’S MENTAL! But I’m sure I’m going to post a whole load of other details about this, so I am going to keep tonight’s mention short and post this photo:

Escalators down as far as the eye can see!
Escalators down as far as the eye can see!

I’m now in bed ready for some good sleep, in preparation for a busy day tomorrow. Here’s hoping the weather clears up a bit! It’s humid, warm and cloudy Weird, weird weather!

It’s 1am here so Night all! ( Good evening back home!)