Hong Kong Trip 2017

Day 7 – and on the 7th day he rested

He might have… but I did not!

This morning started with us going to the beautiful synagogue for Shabbat /Shabbat Lunch. Not only was the shul beautiful but the lunch was delicious… win win!

From shul, we went back to hilzo’s for a short while, before heading off to Sha Tin to visit the 10,000 Buddah’s monastery

A Lorra Lorra Buddhas.
A Lorra Lorra Buddhas.

In the 10,000 buddha Monastery, it turns out there are actually way more than 10,000 Buddhas. In one room alone there are 12,800…

I’ll be contacting religious trading standards!

12,800 in one room. The name lies.
12,800 in one room. The name lies.

If it wasn’t for the fact the views were pretty good, then I think I’d have been very angry at the naming issue…

Pretty Pagoda!
Pretty Pagoda!
Pretty views of Sha Tin town!

From the Monastery, we popped over to the shopping centre (Via a long and windy back road path which resulted in me trying local honey!). Once inside the shopping centre, we went for snacks like only I know best – Ikea restaurant.

From there, we arranged to meet Hilary’s Friend Jazzyp and her friend Lauren who are here on medical elective. We arranged to meet them in an adjacent shopping center and while waiting found Snoopy Land!

Hilary and I queued up for the childs ride. It was very very much for young children, but a gondala is a gondala!

Who knew kiddie rides were such fun!

While in the queue we found Jazzy and Lauren and took a Selfie McSelf face!


Snoopy world selfie - Reunited with Jazzy and Lauren
Snoopy world selfie – Reunited with Jazzy and Lauren

From Snoopy land, we went to get some dinner and ended up in “Din Tai Fung” a Michelin starred dim sum restaurant. The food was great and we had a great time (Photo tagged on fbook)

After dinner we went back to Central to meet Hilary’s friend Dan and his friend from back home in ‘Stralia, Hadassah.

We had drinks at a bar with an AMAZING view.

Incredible views for a drink!
Incredible views for a drink!

Some of us headed out for a boogey and some back to bed !

Talking of bed… It’s waaay past sleep time… Night!!

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