Hong Kong Trip 2017

Day 5: Sleep, France, Queues, Horses and Sweden

Today I slept in .

No really, I slept. At dinner last night, Hilz’s friend when she heard where I’d been so far said “Well you’ve basically done it all in the last 4 days”…. I am beginning to believe she might be right. (Obviously there is always more to see, but she means the big ones).

The first four days tired me out that much that when Hils left for work this morning, I was going to get up… at 11.30 I decided I really should actually get up!

Having gotten dressed, I met Hilzo for lunch – a slight navigational error or my behalf left us with a Street-Walkway-chase but we eventually found one another.

For lunch today, trying all the available cuisines on offer, we visited “Delifrance”. I have been to France a few times. Clearly the people behind “Delifrance” have NOT. We sampled such delights as a Tuna Jacket Potato, and a smoked salmon Baguette. Despite playing like she had understood “No Dressing, No Bacon, No Tomato and No Cucumber”, Alice (the lady of Delifrance) clearly had not clue and delivered us Salad with Dressing and Bacon bits, and there was Tomato and Cucumber in my Smoked Salmon Baguette. Your card is marked Alice the Gendarmerie will be after you! (Alice, Who the… oh never mind!)

From my fleeting if not brief trip to France, I returned to Hong Kong and joined the queue, along with now 2 thirds of Mainland China, for the Peak Tram.

Partying with MLC. You can't quite see the Zig-Zags, or the rest of the Queue on the other side of the road.
Partying with MLC. You can’t quite see the Zig-Zags, or the rest of the Queue on the other side of the road.
From halfway down the Zig-zag *yawn*
From halfway down the Zig-zag *yawn*

The Peak Tram was the “Original way” of getting up the peak… they’ve modernised it a bit (a lot) but it’s still as steep and precarious as ever. I really love old transport links… Especially trams so enjoyed riding #GeekMoment. I was sad that the queue to get it back down was so huuuge as I can imagine it was cool to watch the skyline shrink down out of sight as you trammed down!

Seeeriously Steep!
Seeeriously Steep!

The view from the top of the Peak was just as spectacular during the day as it was at night – even if it was a little cloudy/Foggy/Smoggy!


Whilst up the Peak, I managed to video call home,  and talk to dad before his Op… Impressive stuff really! After the video chats home, I was peckish, so strayed into McDonalds to find a whole range of “Sweet Potato and Oreo” items. Naturally I went for Sweet Potato Ice Cream in an Oreo Cone.

What on earth!
What on earth!

Whilst not completely obnoxious… I won’t be asking for them to start this at home… an interesting experience. (The Oreo was nice).

From the Peak, I got a cab down the hill to meet Hilz. Having arrived a bit early I decided I was best to go back to her flat and grab some more cash for the evening. Huge shout out to the Tall, Blonde western gym going girl, who provided a great shield battering people onto the right hand side while we navigated a 2/3rds of the mental Escalators together. (more on the escalators to follow!)

We jumped on the Star Ferry, for a goosey round TST (I’m not spelling it… Kowloon!) We hit a dead end with a purchase that Hil wanted to make and then we stumbled into the SelfieCafe. I was going to get a selfie printed coffee but the wait was too long. We noticed this Interesting Certificate of Kosher status…

It appears dates work differently in HK!
It appears dates work differently in HK!

From there we visited Happy Valley Races. While neither of us agree with horse racing, its a “Very Hong Kong” thing to do. We stayed for one race, I put a bed on two horses, One came last and the other came 4th – I’d put the bets on each way so missed winning by one place. (Bloody cheek  – I wore my new “red for prosperity” jacket specially!)

We did get to experience the New Year Celebration show which was pretty cool if you like dancing dragons…

Crazy New year show business at the Horses
Crazy New year show business at the Horses

As we were on our way around, this man caught our eye… so we had to get a selfie.. people here are actually sometimes a bit amazingly crazy. ( I  love it!)

Man with a Rooster on his head... AS YOU DO! Me Donning the seemingly traditional Chinese pose.
Man with a Rooster on his head… AS YOU DO! Me Donning the seemingly traditional Chinese pose.

From the Races, we went to Genki – amazing sushi and had a good fill of food, before leaving some space for dessert as we had other plans. Opposite Genki, was my place of solace. My Temple…. IKEA.

The Swedish Mothership hath landed!
The Swedish Mothership hath landed!

Nestled underground, with very limited selection in the way of flatpack furniture.. I still managed to spend money…. not just on the Daim Cake.

The longer I am here for, the more I think I’m falling in Love with Hong Kong. Not sure I could quite up sticks and move out here… but I would certainly come back. It’s very safe, and quiet (apart from all of China atm!) and has the best of the West with a lot of the East!

Anyway, must get to bed – another busy day tomorrow!

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Lovely to read Steven highlight of myday
Sounds like and reads that you having a really lovely time have youallowed for excess !luggage if you r bringing suits etc home.

Well I feel sure you r pleased your dad. Has had his op and makes progress
Your mum will need a holiday to build up her strength for his next op! Can’t believe it s almost a week since you left
We r going to visit Melanie sometime ng over the weekend
Jessica is singing in the school choir on Sunday Elaine got tickets C row whilst D
Forgot to reply to get a good seat so he has ended up at the very back
Silly Sod
apparently its a ,2hr show
Tonight Poppa anf Richard going to IAM
And my friend Lyn is coming over
We have Storm Doris n the way
already I have had a pile of books sitting
Pretty then suddenly bang on the floor

If you visit an ikea in every country we have one then i will let you have free tea and coffe with your family card on weekends too!!!!!!!!

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